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Mind Chatter

downloadMy mind, I often think, has a mind of its own, talking when it shouldn’t, going off on tangents, not focusing when it should, and sometimes blathering the most idiotic things. I give a good talking to it every now and then, sometimes even an ultimatum, but it does little good. Besides, it constantly reminds me it cannot be creative if not let to roam free.

That reminder is often what I need to let my mind chatter freely and experience all it has to offer me, the good and the annoying because in both I can create. It allows for my characters to pop in and tell me their stories. It allows me to visualize scenes and bring them to life. It allows me to weave intrigue and love into a mysterious plot.

Of course, other mind chatter interferes at times, mundane mind chatter, some necessary, some not. I can’t say I’m successful at ridding my mind of all the boggling or blathering mind chatter that does nothing for the mind or soul, but I have learned to combat it with peaceful meditation or action meditation, whichever I feel is called for at the time. I either sit and drift off into a peaceful meditation or busy myself with something that clears my mind. Gardening is one action meditation that works well for me and, as strange as it may seem, housework is another.

So dealing with mind chatter can actually be productive in different ways. So mind your mind chatter and have fun with it.

Now back to where my last mind chatter took me. You might think it’s to the project I’m presently working on, but Cree is getting mighty annoyed with me for ignoring him so I better listen to more of the story he has been telling me.



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Nina Lively
Nina Lively
3 years ago

Will there be more books ? about Cree and Dawn? Nina

Nina Lively
Nina Lively
3 years ago
Reply to  Donna

Thank you thank you thank you ? I love all your books ? Donna, but Cree and Dawn there books are my favorite plus I like to read over and over. Dawn is the Cinderella of the highlands and old Mary is her godmother. The Macardle sisters are my next favorite ?

Kim Barrett
Kim Barrett
3 years ago

I’m waiting patiently for more of Cree and Dawns story!

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