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Highlander romances


Sizzling Sundays in August

What makes a scene sizzle? There are a variety of possibilities that bring sizzle to a scene. And then of course there is the degree of sizzle. But there is one major factor that sizzle needs, cannot do without, and that’s anticipation. So on Sizzling Sundays in August you’ll get a brief look at a scene that sizzles with anticipation.…

Wicked Wednesdays in August

There is nothing like a wicked hero to keep you reading. So for Wicked Wednesdays in August I’m going to be writing about wicked heroes that I never got a chance to write about and future ones. There was a wicked hero who unexpectedly popped into one of my books and many of you asked if he would have his…

Hero Tuesdays in July & Warrior King Series Celebration (Two)

What better way to finish up Hero Tuesdays in July than combine it with the Warrior King Series Celebration (Two) and highlight the last of the MacAlpin warriors... Trey MacAlpin. Trey has been through more than any of his brothers. First, he loses the woman he loves and intends to wed, then he gets attacked by the king’s soldiers and…

Future Western & Highlander Books

The month of July was dedicated to my western heroes and future western romances. I’m finishing that up today with Renegade Love, the sequel to Untamed Fire, a book I’ve been longing to write. But I also wanted to let you know about a  Highlander trilogy that will be available soon. Let's start with the western Renegade Love... Esteban and…

Warrior King Series Celebration (One)

With the last book in the Warrior King series, Wed To A Highland Warrior, to be released at the end of October I thought it was time to start celebrating! So from now until release date I'll be randomly posting sneak peaks of the book, revisiting with all the characters, and what would a celebration be without a contest. I'll…