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Sizzling Sundays in August

What makes a scene sizzle? There are a variety of possibilities that bring sizzle to a scene. And then of course there is the degree of sizzle. But there is one major factor that sizzle needs, cannot do without, and that’s anticipation.

So on Sizzling Sundays in August you’ll get a brief look at a scene that sizzles with anticipation. I can hear you all now… Donna you’re teasing us again. Not teasing… leaving you with the anticipation and the excitement of a book that will be available at the end of September… Silent Heart… a Highlander’s story.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDlUHDFqYVr53NWNuvueZH41lsBys7FW4kln2hBFkjuzoq6i3TRA           Cree watched Dawn’s every move from where he stood with Sloan on the small hilltop. The spot gave him a vast view of the fields and a good view of the village. Sloan and he had been discussing the expansion of the planting fields. He had wasted no time in seeing to improvements and expansions for the immediate future.  There was much more to come but first he had to tend to present needs and that meant more food for his people.

Dawn had distracted him, her patchwork cloak catching his eye. It was threadbare and would do her no good this winter. And her wood stack was    low, though her garden was well tended and prepared for winter.

“Have you assigned her a chore yet?” Sloan asked with a laughing grin.

“You know damn well I haven’t.”

“And why not?”

“Wipe that grin off your face or I’ll wipe it off for you,” Cree cautioned.

“A fight will not satisfy that burning need in you,” Sloan said completing ignoring the warning. “What you need is to sink yourself deep into a woman and not just once… and it appears not just any woman.”

“What do you mean?” Cree snapped.

“That was a buxom lass last night who served your meal and made it clear that she would be willing to serve you another way. Yet you ignored her even when she made certain to brush your face with her breast.”

“Enough,” Cree warned through gritted teeth.

“Enough is right,” Sloan said. “Go after her, sink yourself in her and if she pleases you make her your mistress until you tire of her. But do something before she robs you of your sanity.”

Sloan walked away as if Cree would pay heed to his words but he stood there watching Dawn disappear into the woods. He had been busy these last few days, too busy to give Dawn a thought, though that was a lie. She had invaded his mind and his senses day and night. There was not a time he had not thought about her.

At first he told himself it was because she needed to be assigned a chore like everyone else, but the chore he had in mind only served to make his task more difficult. No matter how hard he tried he could not stop images of her naked beneath him from invading his thoughts. He could almost feel the way she would squeeze his arms, tighter and tighter, her body bucking against him as he drove into her and she exploding in a blinding climax just as he had that time in the shed… only this time he would be deep inside her.

The groan started deep in his chest and would have developed into a deep roar if he hadn’t curtailed it. He stood a minute more, and then with powerful strides he walked down the hill and into the woods.

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11 years ago

Ahhhh…. You teased me once again. Loovved it! 🙂

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