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Silent Heart


Last Wicked Wednesday in August... Cree

It's the last Wicked Wednesday in August and I had to give it to Cree from my Silent series. He's a badass Highlander warrior who meets his match in a voiceless woman. I'll be posting all about the trilogy in a few days since the first two books will be released late September in e-book & print. ~~~ Dawn unlatched…

Sizzling Sundays in August

What makes a scene sizzle? There are a variety of possibilities that bring sizzle to a scene. And then of course there is the degree of sizzle. But there is one major factor that sizzle needs, cannot do without, and that’s anticipation. So on Sizzling Sundays in August you’ll get a brief look at a scene that sizzles with anticipation.…

Silent Trilogy

It’s time to let you know about my Silent Trilogy. The hero and heroine in these books have made themselves known to me for some time. I had been so busy with other projects that I hadn't been able to devote any time to them. Until late one night when the house was quiet and it seemed that the whole…