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Quirks & Tidbits #1... Key Lime Pie

You’re always hearing  about my books and heroes and heroines but you don’t hear much about me. So I thought every now and again I’d reveal a quirk or tidbit about myself.

Today I’m going to start with Key Lime pie. A few years ago I went to visit a writer friend of mine, Helen Cavanagh, on Marco Island, Florida. We went out to supper and I asked about the Key Lime pie on the menu, never having tried it. She told me I didn’t know what I was missing and to give it a try. I did and I was hooked. I’m addicted to Key Lime pie. The problem is that I’ve never had such delicious Key Lime pie as I did that day. Now it may have been the first time trying it that left a memorable taste, or perhaps you Floridians are the only ones who know how to make a great Key Lime pie, but I’m still searching for that distinctive taste that makes my mouth water, especially during the summer. Key Lime Pie and hot summer days just go together perfectly.

So if anyone has a recipe they’d like to share with me, I would be ever so grateful. But send it quick, those lazy days of summer are fading fast.

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9 years ago

Key Lime pie is simple to make. I used a graham cracker crust ( the ready made ones are great) then down here in Fl they have in the juice Isle it’s Key West Key Lime Juice. The recipe is on the bottle. It’s a can of sweeten condensed milk egg yolk and key lime juice. I usually put the max it recommends cause i like it on the tart side. Then you bake it. It’s always a hit and easy to make.

9 years ago

I agree with Michele, I just does not taste the same with out using Key West Key Lime Juice. The best piece of Key Lime pie was when I was in Key West at Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe. It was so amazingly good.

9 years ago

[Just finished reading “A Warrior’s Promise.”] OK. I will go make a Key Lime pie while I anxiously await “Wed To A Highland Warrior” in October.

Is there a recipe to make the time waiting easier or pass faster? =D Key West Key Lime Juice is definitely the key! Thanks for the recipe. =)