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Future Western & Highlander Books

The month of July was dedicated to my western heroes and future western romances. I’m finishing that up today with Renegade Love, the sequel to Untamed Fire, a book I’ve been longing to write.

But I also wanted to let you know about a  Highlander trilogy that will be available soon.

Let’s start with the western Renegade Love…

Esteban and Rosa’s story has been a longtime in the making. The synopsis and a few chapters sat in a folder, the floppy disk long lost, waiting patiently for their time to come. When I opened the folder and started reading, it was like visiting with old friends who I had missed. I immediately started jotting down notes of what needed to be done and getting what I had onto the computer.

I am so happy that Esteban and Rosalita’s story can finally be told. They have waited long enough. I’m working hard on their book and so far I am on schedule for a possible December 2102 release but that’s not a definite yet. I will be sure to keep everyone updated. Renegade Love will be available as an e-book and print book.

Now on to my Highlanders…

If you follow me on Facebook you’re aware of some posts I did on a Highlander that I’m currently working on. Here are a couple of those posts:

Woke to an irate Highlander this morning. He told me that he’s had enough with the sexual tension, he wants the real thing and if I don’t bring them together NOW he won’t be responsible for what he does to my book!

Hot, hot, hot & I’m not talking about my romance books, though my irate Highlander is mighty happy now since I gave him what he wanted, only now he wants more! 🙂


That Highlander is Cree from Silent Heart the first book in my Silent Trilogy. Actually, it was the heroine, Dawn who had caught my attention and fascinated me. She cannot speak, has no voice at all and while she is plain there is a beauty about her that most fail to recognize… except Cree.  As soon as he barged in to introduce himself, I knew he was the hero for Dawn and I knew that she was the perfect woman for him. And oh how I have enjoyed bringing them together.

A mystery also surrounds Dawn and it begins with an attempt on her life. To complicate matters more a marriage arrangement had been made by the king for Cree to wed the daughter of the man whose lands he has claimed and there is no getting out of it. With more attempts on Dawn’s life, his soon-to-be bride arriving and mysteries to be discovered Cree has his hands full. But nothing, absolutely nothing will stop him from protecting the woman he loves until… a discovery is made that could tear them apart.

This trilogy is a bit different for me since I found it too difficult to tell their story in one book, so it continues in Silent Love. The third book in the series is Silent No More and is all about Cree’s sister, though Cree and Dawn are in the book as well.

Silent Heart and Silent Love will be available in mid to late September. As usual I will keep everyone posted. And you will be learning more about the trilogy and be able to read excerpts in the coming weeks.

And of course there is Wed To A Highland Warrior, the last book in the Warrior King series and the celebration I’m planning.

So stay tuned! Lots of exciting things coming your way!


This post was supposed to be up yesterday but due to a technical glitch it was delayed. My apologies.

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11 years ago

Any plans to revisit the sinclairs? Is there a story for Septimus?

11 years ago

I really wish Septimus would get his own book maybe all the mercenaries could or at least some

Penny V
Penny V
10 years ago

Please write a romance for Septimus, he is just amazing!!!

Liz E
Liz E
10 years ago

I agree with the other ladies!! Please write a good for Septimus!! We are all anxiously waiting! 🙂

florence Lewis
florence Lewis
8 years ago

Have you decided if Septimus will have his own story?

6 years ago

I love your books and I agree with so many others over the years that Septimus needs a book. Is there a possibility in the near future.

2 years ago

Oh my goodness, I can’t help but hope his story comes soon!

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