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Sorting through my Highlanders...

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT ZQazDgKzWAvS1hc eMnvD gw1adwusCqPR3qKEdTZOHK4SrgAnd trying to juggle them all, which is difficult when my Highlanders are so demanding. Each one wants their story told or continued and it seems that I never get to them fast enough, though I must admit, what they tell me makes for great short stories or books.

Cree is insisting that I better get busy on his sister’s story.

The Warrior King brothers are ecstatic about the release of the last Warrior King book and have intrigued me with two short story ideas.

The Macinness heroes are growing ever more impatient for their stories to be told and won’t leave me alone. And I must admit they can make the heart thump.

And though Esteban Cesare (Renegade Love) isn’t a Highlander, though he is a warrior in his own right, I must say that his story has me so engrossed that I am completely lost in it. And what’s so startling to me is that I never know where he’ll take me next.  He surprises me at every turn.

I write relatively fast, and yet I wish I could write faster since I find all my heroes so fascinating. I love spending time with them and learning about their stories and the women they love.

So back to my writing, since my heroes beckon and I cannot deny them. 🙂



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