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Quirks & Tidbits #2... Doors

Crazy as it may sound, doors fascinate me. Perhaps it’s Frank Stockton’s short story The Lady Or The Tiger that I had to read in high school that started it all. Of course as a budding romance author when given the assignment of choosing what waited behind the door, I picked the lady.

Or then again it could be that my creative mind so often wonders what if and doors are the perfect catalyst for what if. There are doors that attract, catch the eye and beckon you to enter, then there are doors that are spooky enough to  warn you away and yet have you curious. Then there are the doors that have long been neglected but have such stories to tell.

I’ve been taking pictures of various doors for a number of years. Someday, if I ever find the time, I would love to do an imagination/inspiration type book of my collection of doors.

Here’s some pictures of doors (not ones I’ve taken). Let your imagination take flight and see what you can conjure up behind each door… other than a drop-dead gorgeous, muscle-bound Highlander that is… but then that’s not a bad thing to have waiting for you behind a door. 🙂

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So who did you find waiting for you behind the doors?






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11 years ago

This is not crazy at all! When I went to London and Geneva this past February for work, I took so many pictures of doors. They’ve always captured me, and it’s nice knowing someone else shares the same view! 🙂

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