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Life Happens!

Life is what happens to us when we’re making other plans.  Not only heard that quote often but I’ve experienced it various times in my life, Hurricane Sandy being one of them. I hadn’t planned on moving but… life happens. That means my writing schedule has changed yet again.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSotXa otN8VfbetjyRmXA0 WWTiH3dznYYYuT2vrWECL6 kqeynwI’m knee deep in boxes some full and others waiting their turn. A mountain of paperwork awaits me and paint charts and decorating magazines liter my table. While I look forward to the challenge and excitement of buying a house and making it my own, I also miss spending as much time as I have with my various characters and meeting new ones that forever come my way.

I had planned to have Renegade Love available at the end of February but that date has been moved to late March or early April. The cover should be available soon and I’ll post it as soon as I get it. 

So far Book 3 in the Highlander Trilogy is still on track for late spring. I’m working on the title, (thanks to all who left their suggestions on Facebook) and going over cover design now.

I will post an excerpt from both books in the next few days so you can get a sneak peek at what’s going on.

Now if only a couple of my Highlanders could help me move… what fun! 🙂





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11 years ago

You’ve survived a horrible disaster, H. Sandy, and still, you have a smile on your face, knowing in your heart, it will all work out eventually. Maybe not a soon as you wish, but soon. No matter how long your delay, we as fans knows how hard you work, and will wait until your life is back on track. That’s how much we love you and your writing.

Still your # 1 FAN

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