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A little bit of this and that...

Unchained1 (1)Characters can surprise you when you’re writing their story and Wintra, Cree’s sister from book three of the Highlander Trilogy, is doingForbidden Highlander pic just that… surprising me at every turn.  She’s a handful but she’s in for a few surprises herself. And then there’s Cree and Dawn’s wedding and the expected baby… lots going on, and what would a book be without a little mystery or unexpected twist.

Love the Highlander  Trilogy, but the Macinnes sisters are growing impatient for their stories to be told as well. And the middle sister Patience definitely has no patience.

So I better get back to my writing and keep all my characters (and readers) happy!

Hope to post the cover for Renegade Love soon and maybe another excerpt.


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8 years ago

impatiently awaiting 4 renegade’s love

7 years ago

i’m reading the Books again about Dawn and Cree, I love these books and they bring me in…I can’t wait to read more about them and Wintra…Please hurry, i’m dying. Thank you for writing such awesome books.

Christina from NY

7 years ago

Simply adore Cree & Dawn (and especially Sloan)! I’ve read their first two books more times than I care to admit *cough*five*cough* considering my 12m long TBR list glaring at me daily. But made myself a promise I’d not read them again til next one’s out. So finding myself more than a wee bit anxious for Renegade Love’s release, was wondering could you do us a favour love, and please bound & gag those Macinnes sisters and tell ’em to wait their bloody turn. And do please tell Patience that she was named after a virtue and would do well… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Trayce

Sorry for any confusion above. I was misinformed that Renegade Love was the title for the 3rd book in the Highlander Trilogy. Add in the fact, at present I’ve a truly horrid case of flu making me a wee bit mental and voilà total cock up. :(

(Though tis why I currently have time to play online <–positive side)

I'm certain Renegade Love will be an brilliant book as well. Cheers!