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Writing like crazy!

constnt companionIt’s been a while since I posted, but I’m writing like crazy and have little time for anything else. The Dark Dragon is demanding, Cree & Dawn have another story to tell, the Vikings are waiting impatiently and endless characters are also waiting their turn and none too patiently.

As soon as I have more specific info on the release date of Highlander The Dark Dragon, I will post it. Until then, know that I’m at my computer, with my faithful companion by my side, creating unforgettable romances! :)



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12 Comments on "Writing like crazy!"

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Hi Donna,
Love your books!Can’t wait for the Dragon.Any time frame as of yet?


Hi Donnna

Any idea on the time frame for Cree and Dawn’s story. So excited about another book.

Kimi C

I cannot wait for all of them to be released. Your killing me, but I am learning patients. lol

Rhonda Murphy

I love your books and I can’t wait to read The Dark Dragon

Mairi Norris

Vikings??? I can hardly wait for The Dark Dragon and Cree and Dawn’s next story, and you mention Vikings, lol! I’ve missed something. Do you have a Viking series coming? (That would bring a loud ‘yayyy’ from me, Donna!)


I love all your books! I just finished reading Highlander’s Rebellious Love and I can not wait to read Dark Dragon.