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Brief update...The Dark Dragon!


I’ve been buried in my writing, so I haven’t had a chance to post lately. You can blame it all on the Dark Dragon. Just when I think I know what he’s up too, he takes me down a different path. He’s a fascinating character and I so enjoy writing about him. And I love Heather. She is different from her sisters, though in some ways the same.

I hope to have the book available by the end of April or very early May. I will keep you updated along the way!

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Sujani Widyaratne
Sujani Widyaratne
6 years ago

Donna waiting patiently to read your next book. Please release it soon.


Sara B
Sara B
6 years ago

Thanks for sending me your updates. Anxiously waiting for Heather’s story. I continue to reread the first two to keep me updated on the whole story about the three amazing and very different sisters! Thanks for being a great Storyteller!