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What are you reading?

Hammock hatWith summer in full swing and people going to the beach or relaxing by the pool or finding a shady spot to read… I’m wondering what everybody is reading and how many books you have waiting to read?

I’ve been filling my Kindle with books and also buying some print ones, since there are times I love the feel of a book in my hand. I don’t read one particular genre, I’m all over the place. If a book grabs my interest, I snatch it up. I love books that have me thinking about the story until I can get back to read it or ones that keep me up all night, though I have to watch out for that since I need a clear mind in the morning to get to my writing.

I have two print books I’m excited to start; The Last Book Shop in London by Madeline Martin and The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly. As you can tell both relate to things I love to do, reading and gardening. Also in my TBR pile is Snowfire by Phyliss A. Whitney, the grand dame of gothics. I read her books many years ago when I was young and enjoyed them. Add to that a bunch of suspense and mysteries and I’m stacked for the summer. Where’s the romance you ask? My Highlander by Donna Fletcher. I always go back and read about Cree & Dawn when I’m planning another book for them. I never grow tired of visiting with them. They’re a special couple to me.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Let me know what books you got to enjoy at the beach, by the pool, in a hammock, or in bed at night when everyone is asleep but you.

Happy reading and hugs!






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Jan Hampton
Jan Hampton
10 months ago

I am reading your books mostly. I have read Cree and Dawn stories, the stories of Sorrel, Willow, and Snow, now the Mcginnes trilogy. I have Keira Montclair’s new book The Witch Of Black Isle. I’m looking forward to reading it. Her Curse of Black Isle was very good. I will reread Silent Highlander before your Condemned Highlander comes out. Thank you for being so faithful to your readers and not making us wait a long time for your next books.

Kathleen A Goodrich
Kathleen A Goodrich
10 months ago

There are three series that I absolutely loved. The House of Oaks, a 5 book time travel series, and Brothers Maledette, a four book series set in modern day Ital, bothe by Nicole Van. The Guardian of Sherwood trilogy by Laura Strickland is another favorite of mine. All are full length novels full of laughter, intrigue, heartaches, and love, happily ever after. Strong characters ànd will written stories!

10 months ago

While I mostly read romance novels, I too like a variety. My stack includes the last Mary Higgins Clark book, the first Bridgerton book, some Phyllis A. Whitney (thanks for reminding me about her) and to top it all off Pride and Prejudice which I reread every few years.

10 months ago

Just finished the Stolen Highland Hearts trilogy by Jayne Castel, re-reading the Charlotte Stone series by Karen Robards its a great mystery/paranormal/romance series. Also reading Rita Herron’s (Detective Ellie Reeves series) really good suspense.

9 months ago

Of course I read all your books lol but I also like Alice Coldbreath and Anna Carven and zoey Draven unfortunately everyone seems on the same schedule when writing if there was a job just reading books all day I would apply seriously love to read. There’s many more but it would take all day into the next

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