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To Write or Not To Write

Love%2B%26%2BheartsI love writing romance. So why is it that I find other things that must suddenly be done before I get my butt in the chair to write? And why is it that once I am writing I don’t want to stop? It’s sought of a catch 22 situation, or damned if I do and damned if I don’t. An age-old question asked by all writers one time or another, and one with no definitive answer. Though I sometimes wonder if I actually feel guilty about doing something I love, and therefore, I feel that I have no right to enjoy myself. So naturally I force myself to do the necessary or boring chores before I can reward myself.
Then of course there is also the problem of people thinking you don’t REALLY work wphone%2520ringinghen you’re home writing. I continue to remind myself not to answer the phone, let the machine pick up, but there’s something about a ringing phone I just can’t ignore. My writing friends will ask are you busy and if I tell them I’m writing, they always say I’ll let you go, give me a call when you’re free to talk. Some of my family do the same, and then there are those that don’t and continue to do so no matter how many times you tell them. But I am learning and using caller ID to my advantage.
So to write or not to write is not really the question, since I always get my butt in the chair and write. I suppose the question truly is do I ALLOW myself to write or not to write. Do I shed the guilt and allow myself to enjoy my work? Do I tell those pesky people who don’t think I REALLY work that I’m busy with a hot hunky Highlander and I much prefer spending time with him than talking on the phone?Writers Chair
As I said, I love writing romance. I love creating characters and bringing them to life and seeing what will happen to them, for they never fail to surprise me with a twist or turn until finally love conquers all. And that’s another great thing about writing romance, you know it’s going to end happily ever after.
So after writing this blog, I definitely have the writing itch and while there are other things that need doing,I’m going to scratch that itch and write and… not feel guilty for enjoying myself.
I invite you to do the same… don’t feel guilty for doing something you enjoy.
Take a moment and let me know what you’re doing that you enjoy. It will help me and countless others feel less guilty!

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15 years ago

I love doing my stories. I love writing myself. It helps me run away into my own little world where I can be whoever I want to be and write whatever I wish to write.

Writing is a passion I’ve had for years and really never stopped doing it. I’ve been writing short stories to pass the times by when I have so much free time and nobody bothers me.

It’s a world I have created and a world I intend to keep.

Drawing is also another aspect of my enjoyment time. To draw is something I have done for awhile now. And although I am not very good at it, it helps me to express myself as best I can.

I never get tired of drawing.
It’s also fun trying to draw new things. Like right now, I’m trying to draw realism like my family and although they are nowhere near good, I still continue to practice. Fanart is also what I do. It’s so much fun. I have my own characters I draw in different ways and I never tire of them.

Like I said, writing and drawing are my enjoyment times. And when I get things done like work and chores, I treat myself to do either or. Sometimes even both if the situation calls for it. My friends would tell you the same thing.

Writing and drawing…what a couple of thrills we are blessed with!


Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
15 years ago

Zaru, thanks for sharing and how wonderfully creative and artistic you are! Keep on enjoying!

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