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Flower Symbolism

A busy weekend ahead baking, buying chocolate bunnies, coloring eggs, putting together Easter baskets (don’t forget the jelly beans) and buying flowers. You can drive down almost any road in Jersey this weekend and you’ll find someone selling flowers from the back of a truck, or a roadside stand. You’ll find your usual assortment of Easter flowers and people. There’ll be kids bouncing out of cars, eager to pick flowers for mom and grandma, and then there are the husbands anxious to find something special for their wives and something nice for their mothers. I get a kick out of seeing the men who buy bunches of flowers, since they’re not sure who’ll be at the family gathering and they don’t want to be caught short, bless their souls.
Being it’s Friday and you have a little time and thought to put into your choice of flowers, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know the meaning of popular Easter flowers. This way you can give a specific flower to a specific person, for a specific reason, and also flower symbolism can make for a great conversation. Daffodils (my favorite) means I’m happy when I’m with you. Tulips expresses your love. Calla Lily means you’re beautiful. Hyacinth is pure happiness. Iris signifies meaningful friendship and hope. Orchid means your thoughtful and loving. Pansy let’s someone know ‘you are on my mind.’
Have a Happy Easter everyone!

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