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My Highlander on sale!

DonnaFletcher MyHighlander 200To continue the month-long Cree & Dawn Celebration… My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel is on sale for $2.99!

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This is the fourth novel in the Cree and Dawn Series. It is also the novel that introduced the Lord of Fire from book three in the Macardle Sisters of Courage Trilogy. There is reference to the three sisters in the book as well. But for those who wish to read the books in complete order Highlander’s Magical Love A Cree & Dawn Novella comes after My Highlander and it is where you find out that Dawn is with child which is why you find her with child in Highland Secrets. Highlander’s Magical Love begins in the past and jumps to present day where Dawn and Cree meet for the first time. I so enjoyed writing that novella.

Also many of you have been asking if Cree & Dawn are ever going to move to the keep Cree has being built on the hill. The answer is yes, they will be moving which should be a story in itself. But unlike present day where houses are built in a few months, keeps/castles took years. It took time for material to be delivered and finding skilled craftsmen. Cree & Dawn are going to have a beautiful new home, which I hope to have them move into in the next book or novella.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about the Cree & Dawn Series and watch for more news continuing throughout the month.



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