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Highland Secrets

Book 5: Cree & Dawn Novels

About the Book

Cree receives a message from an old friend, Chieftain Newlin of the Clan Strathearn. He has never asked for help from Cree until now. His people are disappearing, as if snatched away by an invisible hand and he begs Cree to help him.

All fear the myth wagging tongues claim is responsible for it. There was a time evil rose up in the land and swallowed people whole. Young or old, it did not matter, they simply vanished without a trace. Whispered tongues believed that a crack in the earth allowed demons to escape and they captured the innocent to serve their evil needs. Some believe it is nothing more than a tale to frighten people into submission. Truth or tale, no one knows for sure, all tread lightly, for if the myth proves true the demons will claim more souls to serve them.

Cree forbids Dawn from going with him and naturally Dawn disagrees. In the end, Dawn has her way, but this is one time she heeds her husband’s warning to stay close and not venture off on her own. How can she when a man is found dead in the snow-covered woods, his heart missing, another person goes missing, and hoof prints of a creature are discovered not far from the keep.

Cree and Dawn’s love has survived much and it continues to do so as they face obstacles and unexpected situations to discover the truth… or the tale?

Note: Highland Secrets introduces characters from my next trilogy… Highland Myths Trilogy!

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The Details

Published: Donna Fletcher
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 979898511316 ASIN: B09XFCFPMB
Genres & Tropes
Highland Historical Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, physically challenged romance heroine, Historical Romance Mystery, Historical Romance Intrigue

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