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Impatient Heroes

When heroes want their stories told they can be the most impatient creatures. And I have lots of heroes who want their stories told.

Esteban from Renegade Love is content enough since I’m working diligently on his book. But the Macinnes sisters heroes are growing more and more impatient, just not moving fast enough for those warriors. They’re filling my head with what they want in their stories and the notebook I always carry with me is filling up fast. I must admit they are interesting men and I look forward to writing their stories.

Of course Cree is the most impatient of the lot. I left him wondering about his sister, though I have the third book in the Highlander Trilogy all planned but it never goes as planned. The heroes or heroines do something I don’t expect and there goes my carefully plotted book.

Plus I’m itching to finish The Witch Hunter book. That one fascinates me since it involves the paranormal and I do love Simon and Hypatia.

I better get back to writing… can’t keep my impatient heroes waiting too long!




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