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Gardening and writing pair well together for me. Where writing keeps my butt in the chair, gardening keeps me active. Where writing keeps my mind focused, gardening sets my mind free. And both give me a sense of accomplishment which is always good for the soul.

BookBrushImage 2023 9 19 17 113With fall on the horizon, my garden will have me busy preparing it for its winter slumber. Inside plants that summer outside will be brought in and new areas found for them since summer growth will have several needed to be moved to a different spot than previously used. My coral bells will need a slight trim not harsh since I find they do better that way. My trumpet plant that climbs my arbor will need cutting back as well as my two spirea bushes, and my fi fi plant as I call it definitely needs trimming. I have already begun to dry my herbs; basil, lemon thyme, oregano, and my potted rosemary will be coming indoors for the winter.

Just as I prepare my garden, I prepare my writing for fall and winter as well. Often when I tend to my plants ideas for my books come to me and I grab my pen and notebook from a pocket in my multi-vest and start scribbling. I am well into Leora and Noble’s story, The Fierce Highlander, and enjoying every minute I spend with the couple. Leora does and says the most unexpected things and I look forward to what she will do next and how Noble will deal with her.

The end of September will see my window boxes filled with mums, pumpkins, and gourds for a lovely fall display. Orange lights will go around my front door, which I am determined to paint red before then, and pumpkins, soon-to-be carved, will line the front steps.

When fall comes to an end, far too fast as usual, so will Leora and Noble’s story. I am excited for you to read The Fierce Highlander. Watch for updates about its release!






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