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BookBrushImage 2023 9 5 21 311Excerpt from a recent newsletter…

I had a close encounter with a groundhog the other day. I was on my raised patio, (picture minus the groundhog since I didn’t have my cell with me) watering my flowers when suddenly, this chunky, furry fellow appeared. I froze, as did he. We were locked in a staring match with each other for what seemed like forever when it was barely a few seconds, and I am sure he was thinking what I was thinking… what the heck is this thing I am looking at. I was so shocked to see him I didn’t realize what he was at first. He waddled off as fast as he could, straight into my veggie garden, and all I could think was I was glad Cree (my German Shepherd) wasn’t with me or else the groundhog would have been history.

Naturally, the incident got me thinking of how I could turn my close encounter into a scene in my book. Not with a groundhog, of course, but with the hero and heroine of my book. And so, the first chapter of The Fierce Highlander was born. I am having a wonderful time writing about Noble and Leora. He’s a warrior accustomed to commanding and she is a woman who does not follow commands well at all. But that’s the challenge I love, bringing an unlikely pair together or perhaps the two are more alike than they realize.

The Fierce Highlander, book two in Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy has a late autumn release date. 

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