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Future Release Date Changes

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRXrvaRygwEFyqkdWYBWWYznzY9ukF CC2bh0FX yVWB2R sMiThings are still a bit chaotic around here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but I’ve managed to keep writing. Unfortunately, I’ve had to adjust release date schedules. Here are the changes as of now:

Renegade Love… February 2013

Third book (not yet titled) in the Highlander Trilogy… early spring 2013

Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander in print books… late December 2012

Macinnes Sisters Trilogy… still might manage to remain on schedule but I’m not entirely certain. I will keep you updated.

Now back to my writing and the lovely sound of hammers and drills.



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11 years ago

Hurricane Sandy did a number on the east coast. Unfortunately, I was in CT these past 8 months and endured the 80 mile winds, and then a week later 8 inches of snow had fell. On my way back to Indiana, (2 weeks later) I drove through NY. I literally cried after seeing the damage H. Sandy caused. I love NY, and have considered moving there many times, I still do, but it’s storms like Irene and Sandy that pushes those thoughts further back in my mind.
As much as million fans and myself would love to read your great books, we understand the delay and are extremely thankful you are safe and alive!
Though, I must confess, I’m glad the McInnes Sisters are still on schedule.

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