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New Year! New Goals?

I don't think I'm understating it when I say everyone is glad to see 2020 gone. It's been a difficult year and that's putting it mildly. So 2020 is sent off with great joy to forever live in our memories as a year we'd prefer not to remember, but can't easily forget. New Goals are always talked about in the…

Winter Solstice Blessing

May the dawn of the Winter Solstice chase the dark away. May it bring to you the promise of endless brand new days. May all your sorrows vanish and all your dreams come true. And may the light of the Winter Solstice always shine on you. Donna Fletcher For those who'd like to share this Winter Solstice Blessing I wrote…

Books on sale!

The holidays are upon us and though the holidays may be a bit different this year, it still can be a hectic time of the year. So make time to kick back and relax with a book or two. Got some books on sale for you to enjoy, but for a limited time, so grab them while you can! Highlander…

Isle of Lies on Sale!

ON SALE... $0.99 Kindle Apple Books Kobo Nook  

Cover... Highlander Oath Of The Beast

Here's the cover for Book Three, Highland Promise Trilogy! Love Raven & Wolf and I'm having a wonderful time writing about them! Watch for more info on the book as well as future books... coming soon! Highlander Oath Of The Beast will be available January 2021