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Hugs to my fabulous readers!

af8fa1ee0927a799cdd34a8059a8a929 sending you big hugs hug gif hug free clip art 325 355You all are the best!!!!

Your emails expressing how much you enjoyed Highlander Oath of the Beast have been a joy to read. I truly appreciate that you take the time to send them to me. Everyone of the them put a smile on my face. So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

I always tell myself to take time off after I finish a book, but the pull of new characters, a new trilogy is usually too strong to let me do that. Besides, I’m not one to sit around for long. I’m much happier being active. I love to read, but that’s more reserved for the evening. 

So what do I do when I take some time for myself? You’ll find me painting a room, rearranging furniture or if it’s the spring or summer, I’ll be outside working in my garden or with the plethora of pots I have on my deck and throughout the backyard. You’ll also find a notebook in my pocket since ideas for new stories are constantly popping into my head and I don’t dare leave those to memory.

I got the germ of an idea for Highland Intrigue, the prequel to Highland Intrigue Trilogy, while trimming my Dead Nettle plants, which are far from dead. They spread fast so I need to keep them trimmed. The idea started with a curse, but who was cursed and why. Then I recalled something I came across in my research. In 1230 the Scottish crown ordered the death of the infant daughter, last survivor of the Clan MacWilliams, a clan that had posed a grave threat to the Scottish kings. What was done to the infant girl was horrible, so in my story I had to have her mother save her and find a way to right the wrong that had been done to her clan. I’ll talk more about the trilogy as times goes on, but for now it looks like Highland Intrigue the Prequel will be released at the end of March.

Until next time hugs!

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3 years ago

Donna, thank you! Whilst we all want to read your books while you are still writing trying to finish them. I appreciate that your books have depth of character and wonderful storyline’s whilst still trying to get your books out to your readers as soon as possible. Spring will be upon you before you know, so I hope you enjoy your “you” time in your garden. Maybe you can do a “serial” type publication, a chapter each month or week to keep us going until next book comes out? Again thank you and next trilogy looks good.

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