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My Son Marc's Comic

Go to and check out the second issue of my son Marc's comic book Adam Zero The Last Man of Earth #2. I've had the privilege and enjoyment of watching his comic books come to life. It's truly a joint effort among writer and artists.Also, I love the mini adventure of Marshal Tyme in the back of Adam Zero…

Writing Addict

Sometimes I think I'm a writing addict. I bury myself in more than one book project and I don't come up for air. To make matters worse, I'm already on deadline for a book. That doesn't matter though, when a book begins to haunt me I need to write. Many times I write a whole first chapter of a book…

Love To Read

I am an avid reader and I manage to keep reading a top priority. I enjoy mixing up genres and in between I read tons of non-fiction. While I love spending hours browsing the shelves of a bookstore, time doesn't always permit it. To compensate I joined a few book clubs, receiving catalogs in the mail. I jump for joy…

Idea Journal

I was busy working in my idea journal last night. It's a journal that sees much activity. Whether it's a plot line, character, or name that pops into my head... it goes into my idea journal. When the Sinclare brothers introduced themselves they went in it. I was busy working on two other books at the time and as I…


There's nothing like the imagination of a child. When my son Matt was four, he came to me with a cut on his hand. I asked him what happened. He looked at me and in all seriousness said, "A spider stabbed me with a gun and shot me with a knife." I had to smile, and I bandaged his hand…