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Lachlan's Book

While it was a great holiday weekend for barbecues and outside activities, I spent it finishing Lachlan’s book. I was sorry to see it end since I love the Sinclare clan. They’re a great family, and I’m happy that I still have Ronan’s book to write, which I look forward to. That man has been through enough. He needs to come home to family.
Here’s a little something about Lachlan’s book…
Lachlan Sinclare can enchant any woman with his charming smile. And he’ll need it when he’s sent to collect the shrewish Alyce Bunnock from Everagis Abbey and return her home to be wed. Upon his arrival he’s shocked to learn that an illness has claimed the lives of all but five of the nuns and Alyce. But he’s more stunned by his attraction to the beautiful Sister Terese, and he’s sure he’ll burn in the fires of hell for his sinful thoughts. However, it soon becomes apparent that all at the abbey isn’t what it seems and that includes… Sister Terese.

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13 years ago

Hello Miss Fletcher, I am reading Return of the Rogue now and am enjoying it very much!!

I will be reviewing it on my blog soon.