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Character Names

My character names are important to me. Some characters tell me their names in dreams and surprisingly (though I shouldn’t be surprised by now) their names fit them perfectly. The Sinclare brothers and their wives names are a good example of that. In Return of The Rogue you have Cavan whose name means handsome, and he certainly is in more ways than one. You see it for yourself as his generous nature unfolds along with the story. His wife Honora couldn’t have a more befitting name, woman of honor. She demonstrates that from the very start and only goes on to prove it unequivocally.
As for Artair, the Celt version of Arthur, it means bear or rock. How true of him, for he is strong and solid in his reasoning. You’ll find out if he can remain a rock of reason in Under the Highlander’s Spell when he meets the exuberant Zia. Her grandmother bestowed the name, meaning grain, on her at birth, for grain is the staff of life and Zia is a healer who works to save lives.
Next comes Lachlan meaning land of the lochs and or Viking. A suitable name since his charm graces many a Scottish lassie as the lochs grace the Scottish landscape. But he needs a Viking’s strength when he’s matched with Alyce who has been labeled a shrew, but whose name defines her as a noble woman, though Lachlan must help her learn that for herself.
As for Ronan and his woman? You’ll have to wait, their secret yet to be revealed!

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