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Treasure Hunting

I found some interesting books at a flea market over the weekend. As the saying goes one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. And I always manage to find treasures at flea markets, garage sales or secondhand shops. I don’t go to only look for books, but inevitably I find them. Armed with one of my trusty totes (I’m a fanatic about totes) to carry my prized treasures, I peruse the merchandise and naturally boxes or stacks of books always catch my attention.
This time I filled my tote entirely with books. My first find was a small journal with a beautiful cross on the cover for only fifty cents. It’s perfect for my collection of quotes. I then came across a book, Joseph Campbell The Power of The Myth with Bill Moyer, I once had but through either lending or moves I lost it. I then got excited when I found a delightful garden book Tattered Treasures for Your Garden by Lauren Powell. I couldn’t stop glances through the pages. She gives tons of great ideas to add eye appeal to your garden. Add to that a book on Scottish history (research book, I love it!). And an appetizer cookbook from the 70s. I love looking at the pictures from that time and I will update the recipes. Throw in a few old mystery paperbacks and I was finished.
But not to worry, I still found time to write. Can’t keep those handsome Sinclare brothers waiting.

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