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First, I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed me privately with titles for Lachlan’s book. You all have great imaginations. Please keep them coming.
Before it rained in New Jersey this weekend, I grabbed a heavy tote (I had high expectations) and went garage sale hunting. I feel I hit the jackpot since I found a few old, classic romances I loved but lost through moves and lending.
In a large box of books I found The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory. Digger Turner is back in town. What an opening and it doesn’t stop there, the whole book is memorable. Then I was excited to find The Tiger’s Woman by Celeste DeBlasis. It’s a book that remained with me long after I finished it and I’m overjoyed that I’ll get the chance to read it again. Then on a table sitting all alone was a book club edition of Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss another classic. You can be sure I won’t be lending these books and I’ll be extra careful when moving.
A jar of seashells caught my eye, since I knew the perfect place for it. I paid a pittance for a couple of old platters that will work well as wall art and my foraging ended when I found a lovely notebook perfect for journaling. My tote overflowed.
My creative eye also caught a table top that would make a great desk top, but I’m in the process of looking for a place to move and without knowing room sizes I couldn’t take the chance. I hope I’m not sorry.
I beat the clouds and stopped for a bite to eat, naturally with a romance book in hand and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I took a much needed break from a tight writing schedule and it worked wonders. I was eager to get back to Lachlan and I got fresh thoughts for a new series I’m working on.

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