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Pics of Northern Scotland

If you'd like to see some of the beauty of the Scottish Highlands check out this website...

Updates to Blog Page

I wanted to point out a few updates to my blog page. To the right and with thanks to my publisher HarperCollins you'll find Under The Highlander's Spell cover with a countdown clock to the book's release date. I just love it! It's like a countdown to that great man who's going to walk into your life... and believe me…

Characters... My Friends

I have found myself unwilling to let go of some of my characters. They've become good friends that I enjoy visiting. In The Buccaneer, Lucian Darcmoor helped me through my divorce. I went home after work every night and got lost writing his story. I recall phoning my sister and being upset because I only had nine pages left to…

Under The Highlander's Spell Cover

I'm back... the Jersey shore was too irresistible to hurry home so I spent extra time on the beach reading and doing some writing. On my return home I was thrilled to receive Artair's cover. Check it out on my under-construction website and I let me know what you think. I think the artist did a fabulous job portraying Artair.My…

Why I Write Romance

I was asked over the weekend why I write romance. It was an easy enough answer for me. I believe in romance. Not the hearts, flowers and jewelry type. That's nice on Valentine's Day, but there are 364 other days in the year.Romance to me is so much more. Romance is the every day ins and outs of life that…