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A Visit to the Dentist with a Highlander Warrior!

No doubt you’re wondering about the strange title of this post. You see I DO NOT like going to the dentist. I had a bad experience when I was very young which totally turned me against going to the dentist. To say it’s a chore to go is an understatement.

So needing courage, I figured what better way to make it an experience I could reasonably endure then to take a Highlander warrior with me. I thought about taking one I was already familiar with but there is a new Highlander warrior I’m writing about (not the Macinnes sisters’ books) that I just can’t get off my mind. So he was the perfect one to take along.

I told him I wanted him to tell me his story and this is what he said to me.  “I am feared like no other warrior and woe to those who believe otherwise. Where I tread rivers of blood flow, those I touch suffer greatly, and those who survive pray not for mercy, but for death.”

After that I visualized a scene, as my teeth were being worked on, that completely transported me to the Scottish Highlands in the 12th century.  And it helped me to stay in the chair and not run. :)

Now at this point you would expect me to detail the scene for you but unfortunately I can’t do that just yet. But as soon as I can I will introduce you to a Highlander who I wonder how I’m going to redeem and help him find love.

So I guess I can honestly say this was a great visit to the dentist. :)

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9 years ago

I so feel you on the dentist :)
I’ll have to remember how you handle it though…way better than my please get it over or I’ll kill you routine!
I can’t wait to see how the warrior pans out….hope he gets a feisty hard-headed blonde! (LOL)