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Buried in Writing

When characters start to assault me there's nothing I can do but surrender. Besides, I love meeting new characters. Some are nothing like I think they will be and some pop up out of nowhere. That's when I bury myself in my writing and get to know the ones who refuse to leave me alone until I bring them to…

A Writing Pause

This past week my writing has been on pause. I've been busy helping my son and his wife paint rooms in their recently purchased home.It's exciting to help them start a new chapter in their life, and though I had no time to write, that didn't mean I wasn't thinking about writing. As I rolled paint across ceilings and walls…

Summer Reading List

I love reading anytime of the year, but summer calls for a reading list. Besides, it gives me an excuse to browse the bookstore at leisure, not that I need an excuse, but it lets me linger without guilt. I don't cover the whole store. I roam between fiction, romance and mystery. When I have a stack of books that…

Bookworm blog interview

I did an interview for Naida The Bookworm blogger... check it out.Thanks Naida, I enjoyed it!

Busy Days

With Lachlan's book finished you would think I'd take a break - a breather of sorts - but I can't go without writing for very long and Ronan's story haunts me. He's been away from his family far too long and each Sinclare book holds clues to his return. One reader e-mailed me with her thoughts on Ronan and I'm…