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Legendary Warrior & Dark Warrior

Many of you have asked when Legendary Warrior and Dark Warrior will be available as e-books. I’m happy to say that both are now in the works and as soon as I have a release date for them I will let you know.



A Legendary Love Is Born

Reena Cullen grew up listening to tales of the one they call the “Legend” — a merciless warrior who is both feared and respected. So when her village is devastated by a cruel landlord, she knows in her heart the Legend is the only one who can rescue her people. But the flesh-and-blood man is even more powerful and sensuous than the hero she imagined…

Magnus is fascinated by this petite, bold beauty who has come to him for help. He cannot refuse her, for she has stirred fires within him as no woman before. Yet another reason impels him to keep the lady close — a secret that could threaten everything she loves. If she uncovers his dark mysteries, will Reena shun the handsome devil she has bargained with…or will she surrender completely to a fierce and dangerous passion?





He is her salvation, her lover … her destiny n93440

Mary waits, trembling in the darkness — the prisoner of a fearsome tormentor who would have her at any cost. Then a mysterious cloaked figure appears at her dungeon door. A champion has come to free the beautiful lass and carry her off to safety, with arms as powerful and sure as the trees of the forest.

He calls himself Michael, the Dark One. Though he must keep his face hidden from her, Mary is captivated by his strength and kindness … and irresistibly drawn by his masculine fire toward a most willing and sensuous surrender. But the warrior who once held her captive will stop at nothing to reclaim his prize — and if Mary does not return to him, many innocents will die. Yet how will she survive if she is forced to abandon the most passionate love she has ever known?

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