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Macinnes Sisters Trilogy

I love writing about the three Macinnes sisters. They are different and alike in many ways but one thing they do share in common is their love for each other. Nothing will stop them from saving their oldest sister Heather. But nothing is what it really seems and the sisters are in for a few surprises along the way. The first surprise begins in the woods.

Watch for an excerpt of the Macinnes Sisters trilogy to be posted on my blog at the end of the week!


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virginia porcelli
virginia porcelli
9 years ago

what is the name of the 1st book in the mccinnes series?

Darcy Houseman
Darcy Houseman
3 years ago

Really like the books, however, I am very disappointed with the grammatical errors in the second and the third. It seems that the proofreaders got lazy and used a typesetting word check, which corrects misspellings,but does not catch a wrong use of a word. IE: “trader” to the family as opposed to “traitor” to the family (in book 3). the errors are getting more frequent – almost 1 every other page! Again, like the books, but the printer should be shot!