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Happy New Year!

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May 2022 bring endless good health, an overflow of abundance in mind, heart, and soul, and peace for all! And lots and lots of smiles!

I always get excited for the New Year and the countless possibilities that lay ahead and the endless adventures that await. I am thrilled to take you along on the adventures that await in my writing in 2022!

The New Year starts off with the third book in the Highland Intrigue Trilogy, Highlander The Cursed Lord. It has been an amazing adventure with Elysia, Annis, and Bliss, and the men they love. I cannot wait for you to see how the mystery all wraps up. It is still slated for release at the end of January. Also watch for news on a giveaway to celebrate the conclusion of the trilogy.

The next adventure will take you to an area of the Highlands where legends are feared and respected. Highland Secrets brings back a couple that many of you love… Cree & Dawn. Join them as Cree is sent an urgent message for help from Chieftain Newlin, a friend, to investigate the sudden disappearance of clan members. Cree’s patience is tried when his wife gets more involved with the mystery than he would like her to. This book was slated for a March release, but it may be delayed a month. This book also introduces characters from my next trilogy… Highland Myth Trilogy.

The three books in Highland Myth Trilogy all stand on their own. They will not have to be read in order. Release dates for the trilogy are tentative, but right now it appears that books 1 & 2 will release in 2022 and book three will release in 2023.

In the Arms of a Highland Warrior, Book One

Tavia is given in marriage to Bhric. He is the son of a Northman who fell in love and wed the only child and heir to Clan MacShane. Upon the old lord’s death, it was promised that their firstborn son would return to Scotland and lead the clan. Bhric is accustomed to Viking women, strong and bold in nature. Tavia is anything but that, petite, quiet, and fearful of him, he questions how she will ever survive their marriage, let alone their marriage bed. And when an old myth rises to rain mayhem down on the clan, he fears his wife will run in fright.

The Highland Warlord’s Kiss, Book Two

Torin is a fierce Highland chieftain with little patience and even less interest in marriage but wed he must. He has had no luck in finding a wife that will suit him. She must be submissive, keep a quiet tongue, dutifully bear him bairns, and bother him little. When he meets Chieftain Newlin’s niece, Flora, who barely utters a soft word, he believes he has found the perfect woman. He seeks a marriage with her, and Chieftain Newlin agrees with the stipulation the marriage takes place immediately. Torin agrees, pleased his problem will be solved quickly. He learns shortly after they are wed the reason for the quick wedding. Flora chatters endlessly and is far from obedient. His only hope is that her endless chatter will chase the mythical ghost from the keep that many believe has taken residence there and means everyone harm.

The Legendary Highlander, Book Three

Fia is imprisoned in Clan Strathearn’s dungeon waiting to be burned at the stake. She’s believed to be the spawn of the devil, having been seen holding a beating heart in her hand. Varick, the legendary warrior needs a cohort of the devil to fight whatever demon occupies the woods that surrounds his clan village and keep since his infamous skills are no match for the evil that resides there. He arrives to claim her just as torches are made ready to light the wood to burn her, but Chieftain Newlin refuses to surrender her to the legendary warrior. He fears she will return once Varick is finished with her and seek vengeance against his clan. The only way he will surrender Fia to Varick is if he weds her. She then becomes his complete responsibility. Varick agrees, he has no choice. He needs evil to fight evil. Afterwards when she has done what is needed, he can do what Chieftain Newlin intimated. The legendary warrior himself can burn Fia at the stake and be done with her.

Those who enjoyed Pepper, the Highlander & the Dead Guy book one in my Pepper the Prepper Mystery Series, will be happy to know that book two, Pepper, the Viking & the Pillaged Grave, has a tentative release date of early summer. I love writing about Pepper & Ian and everyone in Willow Lake, PA, and I can’t wait for you to read their new adventurous mystery.

That’s my 2022 book schedule, though you never know what else I might throw in along the way. It depends on time and not so much how fast I can write but how fast my characters will allow me to write.

Keep watch for updates and news!

Hugs & smiles!


Note: Due to a refresh of my website this blog post was lost so I reposted it!

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2 years ago

Donna, Happy New Year to you too! I am so looking forward to all you books in 2022 and beyond.

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