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Gift Ideas For Book Nerds!

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The obvious gift for a book nerd would be a book or a gift card to a bookstore. But what else would a book nerd like? I put together a list of gifts a book nerd might enjoy. Some I have received, and others are gifts I have given, and my book nerd relatives and friends have been happy to get.


Book Box

This seems to be a growing trend. A monthly subscription gets you a book box with a couple of books along with other items as well. A monthly subscription can be costly, but you could get a decorative box and fill it with two books, some special teas, chocolates, candles, etc., for romance readers. Think of the fun you could have creating a book box for various genres; Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, and children’s’ books. A budding writer would be thrilled with a couple of books on writing plus a notebook, pens, sticky notes, etc. The possibilities are endless. I suddenly realize what I am getting some people on my list.  


Gift Cards to a bookstore

A gift card is an obvious gift for a book nerd, though you can gift a specific e-book to arrive on a specific date. How great it would be on Christmas morning or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of the year to get an email letting you know you have a book to load to your e-reader. Here is a shameful plug for my book The Irish Devil. It’s only $0.99 through the month of December.


Novel Teas

I saw this and thought these teabags  with quotes on the tag would be great for book nerds who are tea lovers, just like me. Check it out at Amazon.



If you haven’t visited pop on over and have a look. They have an array of things book nerds would love. Scarfs, gloves, bookmarks with quotes from various books.. They also have headbands, totes, blankets, and more. I’ve done some shopping there for Christmas and I’m pleased with what I got.



People may be reading e-books but there are still plenty, especially young adults, buying books and bookends always come in handy for a shelf or in a library. There are lots to chose from, but these caught my eye at Amazon.



Okay this one may be overdone. I mean who doesn’t have an overload of mugs, but… I’m always delighted when I get a book nerd mug (or a writer’s mug). I always use the mug when I’m ready to relax with a good book and a mug of hot tea. Here’s a variety of ones.


Magazine Subscription

When you love to read, you read just about anything. Gift a subscription. Write on a notecard what magazine the subscription is to, place it in a box with something related to the magazine. I got a subscription for a friend to a knitting magazine and added two skeins of yarn to the box. I did not add knitting needles since most knitters have an abundance of them. A subscription to a garden magazine and a couple of packets of seeds would be great for a gardener. Just make sure the person doesn’t already have a subscription to the magazine you choose.


Book Nerd Gifts at Etsy

Last but not least a place to find a whole bunch of book nerd stuff… Esty.

Just to let you know, if you have any writer friends or budding writer friends, they would probably enjoy any one of these gifts.

I do hope this list helps in some small way and if you’re looking for some different and useful gift ideas then pop on over to my Pepper the Prepper Mystery Series website and have a glance at my blog… Gifts That Keep You Prepped & Prepared.


Happy Holidays


Note: I receive no compensation from any of the links posted here.


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