Untamed Fire… new cover & .99 for a limited time!

To celebrate the new cover for Untamed Fire, I’ve dropped the price to $.99 for a limited time. So if you haven’t got it, grab it now while you can. If you haven’t given it a try… now’s the time!

Many of you have been asking me when Diablo’s Angel, third book in the Ranchero Trilogy, will be available. I was hoping for this summer, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make that deadline. I’m working hard at getting it done, but those darn Highlanders keep interfering.

I’ll update you on Diablo’s Angel as soon as I have a more firm release date.

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Renegade Love… counting down the days

DonnaFletcher_RenegadeLove_800It’s down to the wire now… last finishing touches… a few polishes here and there… fingers crossed that I hit no more delays… and any day now Renegade Love will be available.

This book was a longtime coming and I LOVED every minute of writing Esteban and Rosa’s story. Watching them both emerge—together—from the difficulties life threw at them and finding love was amazing.

Release date is only a few days away… then you will be able to slip away and get lost in Esteban and Rosa’s love story.

Of course I couldn’t let this be the last I wrote of Esteban and Rosa or Raphael and Gaby (Untamed Fire). I wanted to be able to unite them all, so you will be hearing from them again in the third book of the Rancheros Trilogy (due out 2014). The book will be about Crista, Esteban’s sister and…hmmm…let’s see if you can guess who her love interest is going to be once you read Renegade Love.  

Counting down the days…

Untamed Fire & Renegade Love

Untamed Fire…

Gaby Alvardo borrows the powerful ranchero’s horse to rush and help her injured brother.

Raphael Cabrillo doesn’t see it that way, to him… she stole his horse. And so Gaby is to be punished for her crime. She will serve a term of six months as companion to his ailing mother.

Raphael intends to tame the spirited woman who refuses to wear shoes, dances under the moonlight, takes his ill mother on picnics, and stirs his passion like no other woman.

But when an attempt is made on Gaby’s life there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her.

Will Raphael tame the willful woman or love the untamed fire that burns within her?



Twenty years ago I wrote Untamed Fire, though never got the chance to write the sequel Renegade Love. I’m so pleased to be able to finally bring to life the mysterious Esteban that appeared briefly in Untamed Fire. Renegade Love is now available as an e-book and print.

And while writing the second book I realized that Esteban’s sister Crista needed her own story and so the Ranchero Trilogy was born. A release date and title has yet to be determined for the third book.

Hero Tuesdays in July… Renegade Love Hero

Today I’m going to let you get a brief glimpse of Esteban Cesare, the hero from Renegade Love. He’s a complicated man due to his past and there is so much more to his past than anyone knows.

In this scene Esteban finds out that his father has arranged a marriage for him.


“You what?” Esteban yelled at his father.

“I’ve arranged a marriage between you and Rosalita Mendez,” Alejandro repeated calmly, although his heart raced at an alarming rate.

Esteban paced in front of his father’s wide desk, glad that it separated them from each other, for he had an uncontrollable urge to reach out and strangle him. “I have told you repeatedly that I would not marry—and yet—you arrange a marriage against my wishes?”

“I do not need your permission,” Alejandro reminded him.

Esteban stopped pacing. “I take orders from no man, Father.”

Alejandro lowered his head a fraction in defeat, though he had no intentions to surrender. He rubbed at his forehead, hoping to ease the throbbing pain, his voice muffled as he spoke, “You have a duty, my son. You must marry and produce an heir so the Cesare name and land will continue to prosper.”

It was partially the truth, though what Alejandro prayed for the most was that Rosa would help restore Esteban to his old self, erase his hurtful past and that they would share a happy life together.

Esteban braced his hands flat upon the desk and leaned forward toward his father. “Believe me, Father, when I tell you that no good would come of this marriage. You do the innocent girl an injustice by forcing her upon me.”

“Rosa seems pleased with the arrangement,” Alejandro lied and silently offered a quick prayer of contrition.

Esteban stood straight. “Why?”

Alejandro scrunched his brow confused. “What do you mean?”

“Why should she agree to marry me in only two weeks? Does she need a husband?”

Alejandro caught his son’s insinuation immediately. “Rosa is a good girl as I had told you. There is no need for her to marry quickly. Why I doubt she has ever been kissed.”

Esteban found his blood racing at the idea of one so innocent. To taste such purity would be a mistake. It would only leave an insatiable appetite for more and once started he would not stop, and then—she would be innocent no more—and by the time he was done… she would be full of sin.


 Renegade Love will be available at the end of the year or early 2013. I will keep you all updated.