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Untamed Fire & Renegade Love

Untamed Fire…

Gaby Alvardo borrows the powerful ranchero’s horse to rush and help her injured brother.

Raphael Cabrillo doesn’t see it that way, to him… she stole his horse. And so Gaby is to be punished for her crime. She will serve a term of six months as companion to his ailing mother.

Raphael intends to tame the spirited woman who refuses to wear shoes, dances under the moonlight, takes his ill mother on picnics, and stirs his passion like no other woman.

But when an attempt is made on Gaby’s life there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her.

Will Raphael tame the willful woman or love the untamed fire that burns within her?



Twenty years ago I wrote Untamed Fire, though never got the chance to write the sequel Renegade Love. I’m so pleased to be able to finally bring to life the mysterious Esteban that appeared briefly in Untamed Fire. Renegade Love is now available as an e-book and print.

And while writing the second book I realized that Esteban’s sister Crista needed her own story and so the Ranchero Trilogy was born. A release date and title has yet to be determined for the third book.

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10 years ago

when is renegade love coming out? My mother wont leave me alone from searching amazon or the internet for it? Please save me from these insatiable readers!

10 years ago

I am looking forward to reading the third book, the first two were awesome. I really loved reading them!

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