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What's sprouting in 2018?

Here’s what I’ve planted so far for the New Year and you can watch and see them grow. Hopefully they all sprout on time!

Diablo’s Angel… as some of you know from my Facebook posts, Diablo’s Angel has been delayed. It’s all Diablo’s fault since he’s giving me a hard time. He’s constantly doing things I didn’t plan which changes the plot on me. So his book will not be released in February. When will it be released? I’m working on that and will keep you updated.

Highlander The Demon Lord… book 3 of my Highlander Trilogy has a late spring release date. Can’t make any promises but I am trying for a bit earlier than that. Fingers crossed.

My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel… is slated for a fall release. Scenes are constantly popping in and out of my head for this book. I love this couple and I’m eager to write another of their stories.

A Cree & Dawn novella… a story popped into my head about Cree & Dawn that is different from what I usual write. I had thought to have it done for this past Halloween, but when I started writing it, I realized I needed more time. So this coming Halloween I’ll be releasing a special Cree & Dawn Halloween novella. I’ll explain more about it as time goes on and when I release the cover.

I have lots more projects I’m working on and you’ll learn about, like another book for Eric (The Irish Devil & Faith) but these are the ones you can look for in 2018.


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Joanne Rios
Joanne Rios
6 years ago

When will demon lord be available on amazon?

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