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Why I Write Romance

I was asked over the weekend why I write romance. It was an easy enough answer for me. I believe in romance. Not the hearts, flowers and jewelry type. That’s nice on Valentine’s Day, but there are 364 other days in the year.
Romance to me is so much more. Romance is the every day ins and outs of life that you share together. Romance is someone who takes out the garbage without being asked. It’s someone who makes a cup of tea for you when you’ve up late writing to meet a deadline. Romance is when someone is there for you when you’re not feeling so great. It’s being told you’re beautiful when you look your worst and much, much more.
Artair Sinclare in Under the Highlander’s Spell is a true romantic to me. He is there for the heroine, Zia, when she least expects it. He constantly surprises her with his thoughtfulness and dependability.
Romance, to me, is love at its truest form. It asks for nothing but gives everything.
So then the question should be… why wouldn’t I write about something so beautiful and loving as romance?

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