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Buried in Writing

When characters start to assault me there’s nothing I can do but surrender. Besides, I love meeting new characters. Some are nothing like I think they will be and some pop up out of nowhere. That’s when I bury myself in my writing and get to know the ones who refuse to leave me alone until I bring them to life.
It’s been a complete joy writing about the Sinclare Brothers and meeting more new characters along the way. In Return of the Rogue I hated having to kill off Tavish Sinclare, leaving his beloved wife alone. And I knew she couldn’t remain alone forever. She had to find someone to love her just as her sons did. So look for a love for Addie, the Sinclare brothers’ mother in a future book.
I’m off to do more house painting for my son and spend a day or two at the beach. But I’ll be back soon with more info on the Sinclare brothers, plus more… much more!

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