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Whispers on the Wind

Whispers on the Wind

Now available as an Ebook at the amazing low price of .99 cents.

Belinda Latham travels from Nantucket, Massachusetts to Cornwall, England to claim her inheritance… Radborne Manor. She arrives on a dark and stormy night and can find no coach driver who will take her to the manor. She learns why from the inhabitants of the local inn. It seems that Belinda has inherited more than just the manor. She has also inherited a ghost and not just any ghost… the arrogant Maximillian Radborne, lord of the manor.
Maximillian Radborne intends to frighten the young American away, but she doesn’t frighten easily and she’s a stubborn one sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She irritates him and has no sense of proper propriety and… she tempts the devil in him.
Belinda spends her nights in the arms of a sexy ghost and her days trying to solve the mystery of the ghost of Radborne Manor.



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Kristi A.
Kristi A.
9 years ago

I absolutely loved this book! It was fantastic. I never wanted to to end (and the same goes for The Buccaneer)! I fell in love with the characters and was hoping their stories would continue. Great job!! :)