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Isle of Lies & Love Me Forever

Isle of Lies

Moira Maclean is summoned by Mother Abbess in the dead of night. Frightened and worried and with no time to dress, she rushes in her night dress and bare feet to discover disturbing news. Her father and brothers have been killed by a rival clan and it is her father’s dying wish that she wed the Highlander warrior he sent to keep her safe.

The stranger appears to have come directly from the battlefield and Moira has little choice but to obey her father’s dying wish. A hasty ceremony and equally hasty consummation, and it’s over, though Moira soon finds that… it has only just begun.

Her father arrives and she learns that the warrior she wed, Ian of the clan Cameron, is her father’s mortal enemy. A bargain is struck between the two men and she is once again left at the convent to live out her days.

But danger lurks in the shadows and Moira carries a secret she’s been warned not to share and with her life in peril Ian returns to take his wife home. It doesn’t take long for Ian to realize that Moira has the power to heal his broken heart and that he has the power to wake her dormant passion and love has the power to bring the unlikely pair together.Isle of Lies final cover

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Love Me Forever

Brianna Cameron has had a difficult married life. Finally free of an abusive husband, she’s now content to live with her brother Ian and his wife Moira of the clan Maclean. Life, at last, is good for Brianna, but not for long. A carriage accident leaves her alone and badly wounded in the woods. She fears for her fate and when a stranger approaches and she catches sight of his face… she screams herself into unconsciousness.

Royce didn’t intend to frighten the injured beauty… he simply wants to help her heal. Left terribly scarred by a recent battle Royce has sought solitude to help heal more than just his wounds.

Brianna finds it difficult to trust any man, but the badly scarred Highlander warrior is gentle and kind to her and it isn’t only her body he helps to heal but also her heart.

But Royce has a secret that could destroy their love and when danger threatens Brianna’s life, it’s the powerful Highlander warrior that comes to her rescue and seals their fate.

Love me Forvever final cover

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Myrna Whelan
Myrna Whelan
12 years ago

I ordered your book Love Me Forever for my Nook E-reader and was thoroughly enjoying the reading of this book, but there is a problem with the program. When I got to the Epilogue, I could not read it because the program automatically went to the Library.

I though there was something wrong with my Nook, so I took it to Barnes/Noble Book Store, the authorized dealer for Nook and they said it was ok, that it was the book itself. I really would like to know what happened at the end of the last chapter.

Thank you for your response. I would be so appreciative.

Myrna Whelan

12 years ago

I did not get beyond page 1276 on my Nook. Please let me know how this ends…

11 years ago

I had the same problem and was only able to get to page 1276 in th ebook and I was really enjoying it. I’d like to know what happened at the end if its possible..

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