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What’s happening in the New Year & updates...

There’s plenty going on! My heroes and heroines have me hard at work and it’s only day two of 2013. Characters from books slated for release in 2013 are impatient for their stories to be finished. And new heroes are invading my thoughts and dreams, and I’m impatient to get to know them.

So you all know what I’m going to be doing… writing, writing, and more writing. However I do intend on doing some traveling this year, a mixture of pleasure and business. And I’m going to do a major revision to my writing room. I have a great idea for creating my own unique desk and can’t wait to get started on it. Clean up continues after Hurricane Sandy. It’s been quite an ordeal that seems never-ending, so the question is do I stay living on the water or move? I’ll be deciding that soon.


Here’s a quick update on 2013 release dates:

Renegade Love… late February.

Highlander Trilogy Book Three… late spring.

Macinnes Sister’s Trilogy:

Book One, summer

Book Two, fall

Book Three, winter

Short Story Collection some time in 2013.

And you can always check out the Book News page for release dates and info on future books.

Happy New Year!

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Dianna Koch
Dianna Koch
8 years ago

I am so sorry for all your troubles during the storm. It still feels unreal to me as an upstate New Yorker that this destruction happened here. I recall once telling my kids not to worry about NY, we don’t have earthquakes, hurricanes or tornados and now in the past 4 years we have had all 3! I am very excited that amidst all this you have found time to write and post your fans-thank you for that! and I just wanted to say I am so excited to read Renegade Love!!! yippee!! that’s the one I have been waiting… Read more »

Dianna Koch
Dianna Koch
8 years ago

oops- books, not boos…so much for proofreading!

8 years ago
Reply to  Dianna Koch

I know theres has been a lot of clean up and book post pones last year,understandable.My question is Are the books Highlander unchained’ and sequels,coming out on print?ive been waited to read them as i dont own a kindle or nook.did i miss a post maybe?thank you hope all is well.

Betty Hatoum
Betty Hatoum
8 years ago

Looking forward to upcoming books as I have read pretty much all you have written,praying all the trouble and suffering of Sandy will soon be a memory for all. God Bless everyone in the path.thank you for informing of the books. Betty