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Website Redesign: Opinions Wanted!

ZI’m about to have my website redesigned and before I get started I’d like to get your opinion on authors’ websites. What is your top reason for going to the website? Do you like receiving an author’s newsletter or do you prefer to just be notified when an author has a new book available? Are you a frequent reader of authors’ blogs? Is there anything you dislike about an author’s website?  Any opinion—pro or con—on authors’ websites will be much appreciated.



Happy St. Pat’s Day


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Lisa J
Lisa J
10 years ago

Simple is great for me. I like one that is easy to navigate and without cutesy names for things. A blog is great if t is updated often. Subdued colors are also a preference.

10 years ago

I come for book updates and your blog. I like simple and clean for my websites.

10 years ago

I’m with Megan and Lisa , simple. Book updates and your wonderful blogs. Sneak peeks of future books happens to be my favorite , apart from your books.

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