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Rogan dropped Emma to her feet once in a small bedchamber and slammed the door, then turned on her. “You will watch your foolish tongue or suffer for it the next time. I understand you are upset and that you have ridden hard to get here and get help for your sister, but you are here and you have gotten the needed help. There is no more you can do. I will see to this from here on.”

“No!” Emma shouted, stepping away from him, the width and breadth of him much too intimidating. “Heather is my sister, and I will not abandon her. I go with you or I go on my own.”

“It is good I chose Heather over you for a wife, for you are a willful lass.”

Emma’s chin shot up defiantly, though his thoughtless remark stabbed at her heart. It was one thing to assume that a man did not want her, but another thing to hear it from him. “I do not care what you think of me and I am blessed that you won’t be my husband. And since you will not be my husband, you have no say over me. I will not let you stop me from seeing my sister safe.”

“You think I cannot stop you?” he asked incredulously.

“I am not blind,” she said, recalling the ease in which he had hefted her over his shoulder and the strength of his muscled arms that had held her firm. “You are a mighty warrior, but I am a determined sister. I will not be left behind.”

Rogan itched to reach out and grab her and—throttle her. He did not need her interfering, getting in his way, being more of a hindrance than help. Rogan caught the shiver that ran through her and silently swore. Dampness was probably seeping into her bones from her wet garments.

“Get out of those wet clothes,” he ordered.

Her eyes popped wide. He couldn’t expect her to strip naked in front of him. Could he?  “Or what?” she dared him. Two long strides had him leaning over her and planting his face so close to hers that she could see that his dark eyes were dotted with specks of gold.

“Or I will strip you myself. Not that I will take any pleasure in it. You are soaked and need to get dry.”

Another thoughtless remark that tore at her, not that she would want him to touch her, but of course he had to let her know that stripping her would be a chore.

“I have no other garments,” she snapped feeling pity for Heather that she should be stuck with this rude man—if they could find her. The thought of possibly never seeing her sister again caused her legs to go so weak that she had to grab the back of the wood chair she stood beside for support.

He saw that exhaustion and worry were taking their toll on her. She needed to get dry and rest. And if he was lucky, she would sleep through his departure. Then there would be nothing she could do but remain here while he saw to rescuing her sister.

“Sit,” he snapped frustrated with her foolishness.

“No!” she retaliated sharply. “I will have your word that you will take me with you or I leave now and see to finding my sister myself.”

His hand snapped out and grabbed her wrist, yanking her from behind the chair and slamming her against his solid chest. His dark eyes blazed with fury, and she feared she had gone too far.

“Listen well, Emma, for my warning is not to be taken lightly. I rule here and I will not be disobeyed. You will do as I say or I will see you locked away in the tower until I return with your sister.”


Release date… late spring 2014!

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10 years ago

Oh my, this is already sounding delicious.

Rose Mary
Rose Mary
10 years ago

Donna: I can’t wait for this book to come out. I love when the lady has a mind of her own and a heart full of courage. The way you write is so clear, I can almost see your words playing out like a movie. I can get so lost in your books. I am anxiously waiting for this book. I know I will love it just like I’ve loved all your books.

10 years ago

I can’t wait until this book comes out. I’m so excited. Can you please add me to your book list that way I know when it is coming out. 🙂 Thank you I also wanted to say I loved you highlander series. It was great.

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