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Update The Silent Highlander

All remains on schedule for the release of The Silent Highlander!

Right now it looks like the book will release sometime in the first week of June. 

I’m so excited for you to read Saber and Elysia’s story. I do want to make you aware that this trilogy has two mysteries in it that will not be solved until the last book, Highlander The Cursed Lord. After reading Highland Intrigue the Prequel you know the one mystery is… out of the three heroines who is the one that was saved from being murdered as a young baby? The other mystery you’ll learn about in The Silent Highlander. 


Most of you know me by now, which means you know I’ll probably have you guessing one of the mysteries for an eventual giveaway. Hint: I bet many of you are already picking which sister is the saved baby.

Watch for news on release of The Silent Highlander!




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