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Update on Highland Hearts A Cree & Dawn Novella

DonnaFletcher HighlandHearts 800It won’t be long now. Highland Hearts is in the finishing stages and I hope to have it to you in about a week.

I got a surprise when writing this book. I never planned to introduce a character from my next trilogy and yet a character popped up. I thought to write him out but he had become too integral to the story and the more I wrote about him the more fascinating he became. So, you will get a peek into my next trilogy.

I love writing about Cree & Dawn. Their ever-growing love continues to surprise me and I love interacting with their family. Their daughter Lizbeth is adorable and too wise for her five years. She and Valan her twin are always butting heads with each other and you will get to meet Tynan, Cree & Dawn’s three year old son. Kirk, Dawn’s da, pays a visit and the mystery deepens with each page as does Cree & Dawn’s love.

Watch for the release of Highland Hearts!

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