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The Fierce Highlander Now Available!

DonnaFletcher TheFierceHighlander 200 1I’m thrilled… The Fierce Highlander, book 2 in Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy is now available.

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Cathy Henderson
Cathy Henderson
6 months ago

I started it tonight and absolutely love Noble. He’s such a man!!

6 months ago

Another great read by Donna Fletcher! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this book ever since I finished reading the first book in the trilogy, The Scarred Highlander. Although, I gotta admit, I’m even more eager to read the third book in the trilogy, Highlander the Conqueror, Lord Slayer and Sky’s book, when it comes out next spring. But the fact that I’m dying to read the next book doesn’t diminish just how good this book was. 

Leora and Noble are fantastic characters, witty and intelligent and it was a real pleasure to “watch” them fall in love. This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster. It was funny, and action packed, suspenseful and full of tantalizing hints of what’s to come. It was also sweet and sometimes sorrowful, and filled with a good bit of heat. I’ll definitely be reading this one many times over. 

So I encourage you to take a trip into the Highlands with Donna Fletcher, and watch a stern, fierce and powerful Gallowglass warrior find joy and love with his feisty and intelligent bride.

6 months ago

My review for a wonderful story. The Fierce Highlander
Secrets, Challenges, Mystery, and Romance:
This is an epic story that is filled with power, trust, a passionate romance beyond gripping, a plot that will grab you and not let go until the extremely shocking intense ending where everything and everyone comes to a very rewarding ending.
This second book of the series continues with Elsie and Leora discussing the fact that their father has chosen the Gallowglass warrior Noble for
Leora to wed. Leora is not happy. She wants a love match, but she needs protection and Noble will be that person and husband come hell or highwater. 
The story moves forward as we follow their growing attraction, a thundercloud of emotions, intense danger., an incredible number of surprises that had me voicing out loud many “Oh No’s and “Oh Dear”.
This is a love story that brought two intelligent caring characters together and kept me on the edge of my seat to the very shocking ending.
Plain and simple this is wonderful story that I highly recommend. 
✔Outstanding cover alone captured my interest. 
✔Special mention: To “Chief” the darling puppy that added some sweetness to the story.

5 months ago

The Fierce Highlander had a bit of a different feel from the first book, but I loved it nonetheless.
The characters were written differently than most of the characters Donna created. While Noble’s and Leora’s personality clash, their other characteristics complement each other very well. Leora was smart and headstrong but also kind and caring. Noble was known to be fierce in battle and loyal to the Gallowglass but was fair to everyone he ruled over. Their combination makes for an entertaining read. I laughed, cried, and got frustrated for them when things weren’t going their way. As the story progressed, they developed into an unbeatable duo that, despite their differences, ended up with a love so strong they couldn’t be without each other.
Needless to say, I love the story very much. Donna’s grasp of the world and her characters’ feelings were amazing with each turn of the page that their story takes you. And again, she left it with a cliffhanger as an intro for the next book that left me anticipating what would happen next in the third book. I can’t wait for everything to fall into place and for the three sisters to have their happy ever after.

5 months ago

Another Outstanding Read

This is the 2nd story in the Blood and Honor Highland Trilogy.

It does not disappoint. We have a Fierce Gallowglass Warrior determined to follow orders and protect his wife, and we have a determined wife who wants out of this marriage that was thrust upon her.

Leora is determined to get to her sister at any cost, however that cost maybe her life.

Noble refuses to let Leora annul their marriage and protect her at all cost.

This adventure is loaded with deceit, twist, turns, surprises and of course true understanding.

Great story, Great Gallowglass Warrior, A Stunning Beauty inside and out.

A definite must read, ENJOY!!!!!!

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