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The Angel and The Highlander

I can’t believe that next week The Angel and The Highlander will be in bookstores. When I started the Sinclare brothers’ series I enjoyed getting to know Lachlan, but then he wasn’t a man you could ignore. He was the charmer of the four brothers, the one the women found irresistible and the one who had no plans of marrying anytime soon. He enjoyed his single life and watching the problems his two brothers, Cavan and Artair faced when falling in love, he determined that love wasn’t for him, he was sure of it.
So naturally, I pondered what type of woman would best suit him, who would be the one who would change his mind. As I got to know Lachlan better, I soon realized it wasn’t so much the woman, but love itself that would change his thoughts. Of course I couldn’t make it easy for him. He faces all sorts of obstacles and even when he thinks everything is all right, he discovers nothing is what he thought it was. Lachlan has to work to keep hold of the woman he loves and let me tell you he doesn’t give up. He actually makes a decision no one expects him to make. He’s a true hero.
And of course I didn’t forget Ronan, the youngest of the Sinclare brothers, who has yet to return home. You’ll find out more about what’s going on with him, and perhaps you can figure out what’s keeping him from coming home, if you haven’t already.
I’ll be reminding everyone again about The Angel and The Highlander’s release, after all Lachlan wouldn’t want you to miss his story.

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12 years ago

I’m looking forward to it!

Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
12 years ago

So glad to hear that, Lachlan’s a special hero to me! Happy reading!