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Tea & Me!

BookBrushImage 2023 11 2 10 438While most people cling to their coffee, I cling to my tea. There is something about drinking tea that is very soothing, a solace, a reprieve from the chaos of life. If I get stuck on a passage or chapter when writing a book, I go put the kettle on and brew myself a small pot of tea. I sit in the quiet by a window that overlooks my side yard where an arbor blossoms with two trumpet plants during the summer into early fall and for the holidays sparkles with Christmas lights. I sip and enjoy the warmth of the tea and let my mind relax and refresh.

I love those silent, solitary moments when there is nothing but me and my cup of tea. No noise, no voices calling out, just me and my tea. It is a companionship I cherish. It is a soothing balm that aids my writing, allowing me to return to whatever has me stuck and easily find a solution.

I realize that in my books I often have the women drinking a hot brew, many times chamomile, alone or sharing one while talking with other women. I imagine it was something done by endless women through the ages, whether solitary or with others, a moment when comfort and peace could prevail for them.

Leora needs such comfort with all the chaos going on in The Fierce Highlander, but I love how Noble, while a fierce warrior, can be tender to his wife. Can’t wait for you to read their story.

Now go have a hot brew and relax!



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